November 10 2005
During one of their impressive concerts the boys of BOTTLE NECK met the breathtaking singer Sibyl Kober. For Christian, she was not unkown, as he had the chance to celebrate musical prosperities with her in former common bands. Right at this time, BOTTLE NECK was looking for a background-singer again. So it was obvious that they invited her for the next rehersal. And there it happend ... Since then, the boys take a shower again, before coming to the rehersal.

July 18-24 2005
As six years before, BOTTLE NECK is traveling to Hungary to bring them rock. During a total of three gigs the band is celebrated by their audience enthusiasticly. Between the gigs the boys are doing two interviews at lokal radiostations. While they are interviewed a few songs of their current album are broadcasted. In their spare time they get to know the land, the people and selfmade Palinka (hungarian for schnapps) of several flavours.

February 2005
Christian is won over as new lead-guitar-player, after Ali Wegmann and Alexandra Schwienbacher left BOTTLE NECK due to job-related and musical changes. The new guy spices up the band with his feeling for blues- and hardrock. So one plans to go on tour through the hot hungarian Pusta again.

July 2004 to July 2005
Manuel Bernhardt temporarily supports the band with his rythm-guitar.

May to August 2004
Since the band is complete again and full of musical power, one decides to create a new album. The new CD is named "Version 04.5" and is recorded at the "Artist Studio" in Reutlingen.

After a creative break, BOTTLE NECK is rebuild again. Now Ali Wegmann is on lead-guitar an the backing vocals are provided by the golden voice of Alexandra Schwienbacher.

Summer 1999
Driven by the success of their first album, the band goes on a tour through Hungary for two weeks.

The boys of BOTTLE NECK record their first album named "Everything you need". The fans are sold on this silver little disc since it was presented on an offical release-party at the P&K Club in Reutlingen.

The three experienced musicians Daniel Poljak, Marc Limmer and Marko Brida meet each other whilst a session. It doesn't take long until the discover their common musical root and decide to form a new band, to freshen the musical scene of Reutlingen. But to complete the line-up one is looking for further suitable musicians. So Carsten Raiser on drums and Claudia Bühner on backing vocals join the band. Now everything is done to see a new promising band rising. Soon first gigs are performed around Reutlingen.